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Hello there! My name is Stephen Halsey and I'm a Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist and Sound Designer based in Toronto, Ontario. I've been creating music for the last 9 years in many different genres such as Classical, Jazz, Electronic and Rock. I studied Jazz at Humber college and for the last four years have been working in DAW's creating Orchestral and Electronic music.


My biggest musical influences come from the Classical vein from composers like Chopin, Debussy and Ravel. My Orchestral music is inspired by Film composers such as John Powell, Roque Banos and Hans Zimmer.


Ive always loved playing Adventure, Racing, Horror and Fps Shooter games like Assassins creed, Red Dead, Dead by Daylight, Midnight Club, Forza, COD and Battlefield. Ive dedicated the last year to learning game development in Unity, Unreal, Wwise and Fmod  and intend on working with more talented people to create games in the future. My dream is to one day work as a composer on a AAA game.


My goal with any project is to create thoughtful and professional audio that will immerse the player deeply into the experience of the game. We have a great oppourtunity to collaborate with people around the world today and I'm excited and look forward to working with you on your next project! 

- Stephen