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Throughout my life, I've always felt compelled to create and design, whether through photography, visual art, music, or now game audio. Over a decade ago, I decided to pursue a career in audio and have been fortunate enough to collaborate and learn with people of different skillsets, experiences, and passions.

While studying Music at Humber College, I performed at venues, events, and festivals with different bands, worked with artists and music producers to create music, and collaborated with film directors and producers to score music for various student films.

I started my venture into game development as a composer participating in game jams, then transitioned into audio design and implementation soon after. Over the past 5 years, I've designed and implemented audio for 8 games and continued freelancing in film as a dialogue editor and audio designer.


Currently, I teach, perform, and compose music and continue crafting audio for indie games while aspiring to work at mid to AAA studios. Beyond audio design, I love bouldering, creating YouTube videos, and playing shooters, action-adventure, and coop games with friends.


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